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Monday, March 19, 2018

Simple EA produces unexpected results.


Optimisation of current EAs: -

As you may know, we are updating the optimised settings for most of our major EAs. We are using an approach of testing the EAs for 38 months using one mini lot per trade for all currencies traded to make all tests and EAs comparable. The 38 month testing period adds robustness to the testing process.

We are testing the following currencies: - EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, GBPJPY and the following four timeframes: - 5 Min, 15 Min, 1Hr and 4 Hr.

We do tests on a tick basis (99% quality data) which promotes high quality results.

Extracts of the results of the optimisation done to date

We have started with the Tradable RSI which is one of our most robust and most traded EAs. That might be because it comes with a free optimisation course. Below are some of the test results recorded over a 38-month period.

After initially testing all four timeframes it was clear that the 5 min time frame had the best potential a so we focused of that timeframe.

We did these tests over 38 months up to 28 February 2018. The GBPJPY which produced 256 112 Pips (6700 pips a month) was the best result.
For more details about these results, please visit our Forum at 

If you are not the proud owner and user of the Tradeable RSI EA, please visit this page:- 

Most EA traders know how to optimise EAs. Any EA trader, worth their salt, should know the basics about that. The sad fact is that optimised settings are the worst settings to use into the future as they are the ones most likely not to repeat into the future. 

So we have created a service which focuses on settings that have a higher probability of repeating into the future. The idea behind this is that these settings have a 60% to 80% chance of success even if you get them wrong by quite a bit. Creating these more robust, lower risk and lower drawdowns settings take considerable EA management experience and time.

We also use a loss avoidance approach that eliminates loss making settings which means that over 80% of profitable settings are left. This increase ones chances of success immensely.

We provide this advanced service to our EA owners for the most effective settings for that particular EA. Again you can view the advanced service in our forum. We will also provide these advanced services for specific currencies and time frames for any EA requested by clients for a fee. Follow this link for more details about this service> 
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