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Monday, July 15, 2019

Amazing data base of 300 successful traded forex settings


Trading Forex robots can require considerable resource and effort. View this Free forex strategy video to find profitable settings for your Forex Robots. See the strategy in action


Kind Regards

Alex du Plooy

40 Bellevue Crescent, 2260, North Avoca, Australia
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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Get more than your money back if this EA does generate positive results.



Over the last 2 years this EA has produced 99.3 percent customer satisfaction based on our 120 percent money back guarantee.

View this video for more information:-



Alex du Plooy
40 Bellevue Crescent, 2260, North Avoca, Australia
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Monday, July 8, 2019

Information for MakeMoney Traders


In this video, we look at A technical review of the Make Money EA looking at the key settings that make this EA so successful. We look at the forex entry criteria and then move on to the exit criteria and key performance settings


Kind Regards

Alex du Plooy
40 Bellevue Crescent, 2260, North Avoca, Australia
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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Great Make Money EA results continue


This video shows the performance experienced by the Forex trading Make Money EA in the Forex and index markets


Forex  52 000 pips 7 weeks
Indices  28 000 pips  1 week


Alex du Plooy

40 Bellevue Crescent, 2260, North Avoca, Australia
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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Every Forex Robot owner should be doing this


Use these videos to learn how to find MAGIC settings for your EA.





40 Bellevue Crescent, 2260, North Avoca, Australia
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EarnForex.com Monthly Newsletter
July 2nd, 2019

Hello traders! Welcome to the latest issue of EarnForex.com newsletter — July 2019.

In this issue of EarnForex.com newsletter, I will remind you about the most important Forex-related events of the last month and will also show you the list of the site's latest updates.

EDITORIAL: Get Off the Internet! 🌐

Getting off the Internet sounds like a drastic change for someone who trades Forex, but if you delve into the issue deeper, you will understand that there is a rational thing to do.

When we say that a Forex trader has to get off the Internet, we don't mean that you have to go completely offline, of course not. But if you already have a working strategy, or at least a strategy you can consider working, you have to spend as little time online as possible. You still have to be online to trade, to get all the information required for executing your strategy, and to follow the news that can affect your trading. But the less time you spend in Forex communities, reading about other people's strategies, or browsing through analysis other traders' posts, the better your trading will become.

Staying online and watching videos or chatting with other traders "to improve" a working strategy will result in confusion and premature attempts to modify your trading plan. Even if other traders offer good info, it does not mean that it can be or should be incorporated into your strategy, it will just cause you unnecessary doubts.

If your trading system does not require monitoring of economic news, there is little point in scanning the headlines. By getting off the Forex calendars you will avoid information overload and analysis paralysis.

It is also better to stay away from social networks, especially if you are subscribed to other traders or Forex gurus. In addition to being a huge waste of time and mental stamina, social networks will distract you from your actual trading and from leading a quality offline life.

As currency traders, we can only benefit from fewer hours logged online.

Overview of the major currency pairs' performance in June

EUR/USD — was in a rather strong uptrend with one significant correction and with a sideways ending to the monthly movement. It was at the maximum at 1.1412 on June 25, at its minimum at 1.1160 on June 3, finishing the month at 1.1369.

GBP/USD — was going sideways mainly with one deep trough during the middle of June. The highest monthly rate was at 1.2783 on June 25, while the lowest — at 1.2505 on June 18. GBP/USD finished June trading at 1.2696.

USD/JPY — declined with a correction near the end of the month. The pair rose to as high as 108.80 on June 11, reaching a bottom at 106.77 on June 25 and closing the month with the 107.92 rate.

AUD/USD — went up slightly, then plunged and then recovered to the previous monthly high. The monthly high was at 0.7022 on June 28, the monthly low — at 0.6831 on June 18. Trading ended at 0.7022 for this currency pair.

USD/CAD — was in a strong downtrend with a corrective wave during the second week of the month. The maximum level for this pair was 1.3526 on June 3, while the minimum — 1.3059 on June 28. The month's trading ended at 1.3099 for USD/CAD.

Fundamental background of the past month

The main theme for the Forex market in June were trade wars, though interest rates and outlook for monetary policy also had an impact on various currencies. Additionally, escalating tensions between the United States and Iran were affecting markets, reducing risk appetite among traders.

The US dollar ended the month as the weakest major currency. The greenback performed poorly from the very start of June, in part because of surprisingly weak employment growth demonstrated by nonfarm payrolls. Woes of the greenback continued after the Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged but sent dovish signals, resulting in expectations of two interest rate cuts this year. The last week of the month was a bit better for the US currency as it seems the threat of trade wars somewhat lessened and Fed officials suggested that expectations of two rate cuts were exaggerated.

While the euro rallied at the start of the month after a monetary policy decision from the European Central Bank, it was dragged down by comments from ECB President Mario Draghi, who sounded very dovish and even mentioned a possibility of interest rate cuts.

The Great Britain pound was also among the weakest currencies in June due to persisting Brexit fears, specifically whether pro-Brexit candidate Boris Johnson becomes the new leader of the Conservative party and the new prime minister after Theresa May was kicked out from her position.

The Japanese yen did not perform well either despite geopolitical tensions in Middle East.

The Swiss franc was the only traditional safe currency that performed relatively well in June, mainly due to the US-Iran conflict. The Swissie was vulnerable, though, to the conflict between the European Union and Switzerland itself.

Despite geopolitical conflicts, riskier commodity currencies were clear winners in June, most likely due to hopes for a successful resolution of the US-China trade spat. The Canadian dollar got additional support from positive domestic macroeconomic data, which led to speculations that the Bank of Canada will refrain from interest rate cuts, and from prices for crude, which rebounded in June after the huge slump in May. The Australian and New Zealand dollars were not so lucky as their respective central banks were clearly considering rate cuts, but that did not prevent the currencies from joining their Canadian counterpart in a rally.

Norway's central bank was an anomaly among mostly dovish central banks of developed nations as it was considering interest rate hikes, not cuts. In fact, it did raise borrowing costs in June, making the Norwegian krone one of the strongest currencies on the Forex market.

Gold demonstrated an amazing performance in June, mostly due to the dovish Fed and the US-Iran conflict.

Interest rate changes in June
Australia 1.50% -0.25% 1.25%
Chile 3.00% -0.50% 2.50%
Iceland 4.00% -0.25% 3.75%
Norway 1.00% +0.25% 1.25%
Republic of India 6.00% -0.25% 5.75%
Russian Federation 7.75% -0.25% 7.50%

You can see the current interest rates by the world's central banks in our interest rates table.

Top five Forex brokers of the last month

The top five Forex brokers, as reviewed by the visitors of EarnForex.com are the following:

  1. World Forex — 10
  2. Turnkey Forex — 9.5
  3. Imperial Global Markets — 9.4
  4. Coinexx — 9.3
  5. GAINSY — 9.2

To qualify for a placement in this list, a Forex broker should have at least three valid reviews. Do not forget to review your favorite broker if you have not done so already.

Forex poll

One new poll has been posted in the EarnForex blog:

You can also browse the full list of Forex polls from EarnForex.com.


Top five hot topics on EarnForex Forum in June:

  1. Tips and Advice | Successful Traders
  2. Why demo performance is often better than live performance?
  3. Position Size Calculator
  4. Virtually impossible to make money from forex
  5. How to Calculate Risk on Forex
Forex industry news

There was the following important Forex industry news since the last issue of the newsletter:

  • We have updated our review of top Forex calendars according to the latest changes in those calendars.
  • Exness stopped accepting new traders from Russia. According to company, its existing Russian customers will continue to be served.
  • The ESMA did not renew its temporary ban on binary options trading, which expired on July 1. The decision is explained by the fact that most European regulators have now banned binary options trading permanently on national level and thus the pan-European regulatory action is no longer needed.
Until the next newsletter issue!

That is all for the July issue of the EarnForex.com newsletter. If you have questions, comments or just want to see something else in the next monthly issue, please let us know.

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