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Monday, March 19, 2018

Must read client success post.


Forex trading is not easy. So when a client succeeds it makes all our work so worthwhile and encourages us to carry on.

Below is a recent post in our Forum. It is about using a manual system that we do not charge for and can be found on YouTube (Link below).  There are some strong messages in this post !!

Because of this email and many other Forum posts I will restart my webinars where I trade a live account using the Lifestyle technique. I am also looking at providing a market analysis service if clients are interested in such a service.  

"Hello Alex and fellow forum members. I am not sure where to place this so if need be please delete or move as needed.

Alex about 6 months ago I purchased the Tradeable RSI Indicator...and promptly failed terribly.

My first reaction was its all the indicators fault....this was just another waste of money.

Then after I cooled off a bit and re read somethings I tried again. This time I watched one of your double in a trade videos. (sorry I do not recall which one, I believe it was the second one on the subject)

I watched you double your account. LIVE...you showed how you filtered thru the pairs to find the one pair you wanted to target.

Alex you commented about needing to trade using the RSI, but building confidence in some trades before you decide to jump into doubling your account. Your comment about some traders being happy with just making 20%.

I watched that video numerous times. Just trying to pick up on any small clues on what exactly you wanted to see.

Long story short Alex. After doing exactly what you described. Starting with a $100 trading account, I had a lot of weeks where I made 10 to 30%...week after week
I have repeatedly double my account for a number of weeks, 7 to be exact now.

These are not double in one trade account, but rather several trades taken each week. With the end result being each week the account grew by at least 100%

All my trading is based on the RSI signals and taking the strongest vs the weakest currency pairs.

IT WORKS GREAT, for the first time in my long and unsuccessful trading career I am making real money.

A simple THANK YOU does not seem near enough for the knowledge and confidence I have gained via your instruction videos.

Anyone interested in learning how to trade should watch your videos repeatedly(don't ask questions until you have memorized the videos)

The RSI generated signals work fantastic. I currently spotting trades via daily or H4 "

The YouTube channel featuring 14 videos about the lifestyle Forex trading technique can be accessed using this link:-


Kind Regards


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