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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Please test our Forex Course and let me know what you think. 

Hi Full-Forex

I have tried to condense the important aspects of my trading experience and knowledge into 230 pages (6 pdf's) of Forex trading strategies and essential knowledge that you should have to trade Forex successfully. This knowledge is required for Manual and EA Forex trading.

This covers areas such as: - 

1. finding entries,
2. finding turning points,
3. finding places to put your stop,
4. how to exit deals (you only make money when you exit a deal),
5. money management
6. and the best time of day to trade.

When you have this knowledge (you need to know it all) you will have a very good chance of jumping over the fence that divides battling Forex traders from happy and content ones.

The series is called the "Simple and Easy" Forex series because if you actually apply (not just read) these concepts to your Forex trading it will become Simple and Easy.


You can always return the course if you do not like it.

Kind Regards

Alex du Plooy
40 Bellevue Crescent, 2260, North Avoca, Australia
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