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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A good alternative for lazy Forex traders with little Forex experience


The idea behind lifestyle Forex trading is trading Forex with the minimal, but quality effort.

Already there are 2 profitable live account services running that can be traded in 10 minutes a day. The Daily Channel trading service and the Daily RSI Trend line service. I hope you are learning how to do this for yourself by following reasons for my trades.

Today, I am introducing a third lifestyle technique that takes even less time to trade. It trades a portfolio of EAs that only needs to be reviewed once a week or so. 

This portfolio took me 30 minutes to setup and I am trading a sizable live account using 3 versions of a trending EA (MakeMoney EA) and 3 versions of a retracement EA (RSI Envelope EA). This spreads risk and I am using only 1 account to trade all 6 EAs. 

I am using exactly the same set files available to owners of the EAs with 2 changes: -

  1. I have changed lot sizing to risk one percent of my account on every trade the EA enters.
  2. I have increased the minimum spread size to twelve for every currency traded to avoid missed trades.

This is a brand new portfolio so let's see how the trading goes over the next few months.

To check the progress of this portfolio account which has been linked to an FXBlue service use this link:- (this is a new portfolio so no trades have been registered yet)


This approach is handy when you don't even have 10 minutes a day to trade and only have a few minutes a week. I am going on a 10-day overseas family holiday next week so I don't even want to do the 10 minute a day trading. The portfolio approach resolves that problem.

Also there is no expertise involved as I am trading the set files already provided to owners. So I load the EA, load the set file, make the 2 changes above (6 times) and I am setup.

Hope you find this approach interesting


Alex du Plooy

Link to the RSI Trendline Daily service:  

Link to the Daily Channel trading service:


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