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Monday, May 21, 2018

Amazing test results: If you add the results of all 76 testers together, the total result is positive overall. The power of EA portfolio trading.

Hi Full-Forex

Thanks to all traders who are testing the MakeMoney Million dollar settings.

In the updated information there are many clients who have
1. registered a testing interest and have not opened an account,
2. there are many who have an invalid accounts and
3. there are some testers who have not generated any transactions.

Because of this we are still inviting more testers to register.

The updated information (links below) shows the currencies and set file versions active testers are using.

There is also a list of testers who have not received their set files yet. You will receive your set files in the next day our 2. If you are not on any of the lists please do a post in the forum (do not send emails).

Current results:


Register to become a tester here:


Detailed test results showing currencies and setfiles used


Tester account with problems and those that still will receive set files


Testers: please review the information supplied and use the forum to highlight and corrections that need to be made.

Kind Regards

Alex du Plooy

Please note: Testing results vary from time to time. The above statements were valid at the time of this email. 
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