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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Have a look at the results on the live account

Hi  Full-Forex  

I have closed all my deals for the week in a week on only a few selective trades pushing the success rate over 80 percent and my return to forty four percent.

I have increased the % risked per trade to 4% as I have a new goal. 

I am going to try to trade this account to ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS over the next few months or years.
By risking the same percentage on every trade you make more in winning streaks and lose less in losing streaks.

When I get back at the end of next week I will arrange regular webinars to show the analysis work done to find deals.

Please note this is a no cost technique and my objective is to teach it, so that you all can trade it on your own successfullywithout my help.  Please take advantage of this teaching opportunity while it is still available.

Link to the account:- 


Link to the channel trading forum


Link to the channel trading video playlist


Have a good weekend



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