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Sunday, April 15, 2018

New Week Starts with Geo-Political Challenges
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Day of Rest before Trading Starts is Good
Proving again that geo-politics can turn on a dime. The U.S, along with the U.K and France, defied Russia on early Saturday and launched an attack on Syrian strategic positions. The broad markets have not had a chance to react to the military action yet. And while some volatility can certainly be expected, the day's rest investors get before re-entering their offices tomorrow...Read more
Pound Remains Strong versus U.S Dollar
China's GDP numbers early this Tuesday will be a focal point for traders. However, President Trump's sudden reversal late last week and positive words about the potential of a trade agreement with China and the TPP has already provided a positive ground to build from. Forex has remained rather range bound. The Euro has maintained its pace and starts the week near 1.230 versus the U.S Dollar. European data this week will be limited, but in a week and a half the ECB will release its newest thoughts regarding monetary policy. The U.K will produce Retail Sales and inflation...Read more

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